#DISCOVER SAMBONET: the Quality Control

The Quality Control: a dedicated department which verify the conformity of the products to specific requirements.

Sambonet products stand out for their design, their functionality and their aesthetic. Although another important component plays a fundamental role: that’s the quality. This is the reason why the company has created a dedicated department, aimed exclusively to verify the conformity of the products to specific requirements: the so called Quality Control. It is made up of 5 operators and coordinated by the Quality Assurance Responsible of the company. QC follows the entire production chain, manages returned products and collaborates with test department.

Massimo Ruffilli and Massimo Varese, in the company for many years, explain their activity: “Our work begins with the verification through a X-ray instrument of the chemical composition of the raw material arriving into the factory, followed by a dimensional control”. Only the positive results for both controls can lead the raw material to be officially accepted into the factory.

The Quality Control takes care not only of materials, but also of the realization of products and fine tuning of some machines, like for example the induction soldering machines. These machines are used during cookware production to make the bottoms’ soldering. After the approval of the correct parameters by CQ, the department is authorized to proceed with the entire production.

For flatware, instead, the checks are made by the support of some particular machines, such as the salt spray fog machine. It allows, together with the use of industrial dishwashers and aggressive cleansers, to increase and concentrate the wear conditions to which articles undergo during their lifetime and to estimate their behavior in particularly stressful conditions. Moreover, additional tests are made on knives, like cutting and hardness tests.

In order to manage all kind of controls, specific control plans have been drawn up. “With their introduction – explains Claudia Sguaita, Quality Assurance responsible – we have given the operators detailed guidelines about types and frequencies of the controls. This allows us to verify the start of the production and to make periodical controls having the chance to intervene in case of problems. In this way we can completely guarantee the quality of the product”.

The QC makes also both dimensional and qualitative controls on the components and materials coming from accredited suppliers. Examples are the wood structures and all the components used for the realization of the serving trolleys for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel. It is very important that all the elements that will be assembled by the dedicated department are evaluated with a compatibility check.

All the operators have a deep knowledge of the company production, necessary in order to recognize every smallest flaw.

Ruffilli and Varese conclude: “Our job is to guarantee that the customer can buy a product and find it identical after 30 years, in this way we can reach the final purpose of the consumer satisfaction”.