Sustainability Report 2016

A certificate of the human and ethical profile of the company intended to protect the environment and improve the quality of life. 

Sambonet Paderno Industrie’s Sustainability Report 2016 has been published. 

The report shows how, during the last year, important decisions about the protection of natural, technological and human resources have been made and a relationship with the stakeholders full of trust and sharing moments has been established. The Group has undertaken a social responsibility path proved by the SR10 certification obtained few months ago, which defines the objective qualifications of the “Management System of Social Responsibility” of the company.

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10 principles, 10 commitments
The mission of Sambonet Paderno Industrie S.p.A. is to manage and develop brands that represent the consumers first choice of consumers.
The Company’s approach to sustainability, in addition to be a responsible attitude, has a positive impact on the business in terms of profit and economic growth. For this reason it has become an integral part of the company philosophy and it guides all activities: from the choice of raw materials to the final product. The company focuses on ten key principles that result in as many commitments:

1 - Environmental Sustainability
It becomes part of the corporate culture and it plays an important role in the mission. As a matter of fact, the Company has realized that only environmental sustainability will lead to responsible and long lasting development. Long-term vision thus prevails over short-term vision.

2 - Adoption of a Preventive Approach

The Company acknowledges the importance of the prevention activity and allocates resources for this purpose. This approach is constructive also because it makes all the people responsible for management analyse and face current and potential problems and strive to prevent them. One of the areas in which prevention is crucial is environmental protection. As a matter of fact, any other approach in this area may cause irreparable damage and seriously affect the whole community.

3 - Efficient use of Natural Resources

The Company is aware of the limited amount of available natural resources and commits to manage them responsibly at all organisational levels. Special attention is paid to the use of raw materials, water and energy.

4 - Monitoring and Reduction of Environmental Impacts

Monitoring is crucial to understand the current situation in terms of environmental impact, to plan improvement actions and to check the results of their implementation.

5 - Focus on Innovative Technologies

The Company pays much attention to the whole product life cycle, focusing on environmental protection at every stage.

6 - Product Stewardship
The Company pays much attention to the whole product life cycle, focusing on environmental protection at every stage. 

7 - Production Chain Stewardship
The whole production chain is assessed in terms of sustainability and environmental protection in order to fully implement the project. 

8 - Awareness Raising and Training

The Company believes that the involvement of human resources plays a key role, with a view to forge a corporate culture based on environmental protection. All the staff are directly required to contribute to the success of the project in different ways depending on their activity. The staff are also constantly monitored and encouraged also by means of specific pay bonuses.

9 - Transparency with Stakeholders

Transparency consists in disclosing the content and the results of the project by involving the whole chain in its actual implementation.

10 - Consistency with International Policies

The themes of sustainability and environmental protection are monitored and they also play a key role in international business relationships.