Special Care on the Table #4

Preparation 4 – Cambia.Menti

A change can take different roads that, sometimes, lead to a transformation: a spontaneous and instinctive evolutionary path, a change of mind, habits and tastes. By choosing the path of change we embrace new situations, tastes and sensations, consciously and pleasantly exposing ourselves to the risk of the unknown, overcoming our limits.

As Chef Borsari from Opificio Cucina e Bottega – Novara means, the name Cambia.Menti and its main ingredient, the veal brain, deliberately recall this kind of change that involves men and their evolution in terms of mind, senses and tastes.

Cambia.Menti involves also shape and colors of this yellow-green preparation, symbol of energy, life, growth and change. A real painting on an exceptional canvas as TOC dish by Rosenthal In.Gredienti, designed by Chef Alajmo.

Rest. Opificio – Novara | Ph. G. Barzaghi

The preparation:

Veal brain
Veal brain 250g
Flour 00 100g
Milk 2lt
Salt qs
Butter 100g
Wash the brain with cold water and remove delicately all the clumps on the surface. Separate left from right brain and remove the membrane. Left the brain in milk all night long in order to soften it. Drain and dry the brain, coat it in flour and fry it in butter.

Saffron mousse
Saffron 3g
Mascarpone 50g
Milk 25g
Ricotta 50g
Gelatine 4g
Soften the gelatine in cold water. Liquefy the mascarpone in a pot and add saffron. Add gelatin and other ingredients. Whip the preparation and let it cool down for two hours in the fridge.

Fava beans mashed
Fava beans 100g
Oil 20g
Salt qs
Pepper qs
Boil the fava beans, peel and blend them adding oil, salt and pepper.

Robiola cream
Robiola 250g
Cream 25g
Milk 25g
Whip the ingredients together and let cool the mix down for two hours.

Green tea and mint dye
Green tea 5g
Water 500ml
Mint 30g
Put green tea and mint in infusion for 7/8 minutes. Dry the liquid of a 1/3 in a pot.

Finishing touch
Peppers lamina n1
Toasted almond 6g
Calendula petals qs

Rest. Opificio – Novara | Ph. G. Barzaghi