#DISCOVER SAMBONET: Assembly Department

The creation of complex products.

Behind the formal harmony, the functionality and the solidity of Sambonet objects is hidden the activity of a fundamental productive phase: the assembly. In a dedicated department, experts artisans put at the service of the company their manual abilities, their creativity and their experience.

Many Sambonet products are a combination of two or more semifinished items that acquire a new function when assembled to each other. This fascinating process can happen in different ways. “The principal methods are induction soldering and mechanical union. In the first case the complement is assembled to the main piece through soldering, that is a completely handmade process, like in the case of Contour coffee line; with the mechanical union, instead, the assembly process takes place through a screw system. This last method is typical of products made up by a lot of elements, like the buffet trolleys” – explains Italo Tealdi, responsible of the department and part of the company since 1978. In both cases, times and modalities of processing can vary, keeping in mind some preliminary factors such as the size and the number of the components.


This is an apparently simple work, that actually requires evident manual skills, inventiveness and problem solving  capabilities. “With the help of tooling department, we have created by ourselves different machines able to simplify our work.” – continues Italo. After the assembly is concluded, a series of quality controls is made, in order to verify the correct mode of operation and the suitability of the product compared to the company standards.

The department saw a big growth in the last year: the staff passed from 6 to 12 employees. There is no school able to provide the necessary qualities to do this job but, with an innate mental elasticity and a continuous and focused training it’s possible to take part of this qualified team, that contributes to the excellence of Sambonet products. “The most beautiful things is finding new solutions from apparently simple ideas”.