Terra.Cotto Ghisa chosen by EATALY restaurants at EXPO

This is how 3 restaurants at EATALY EXPO MILANO used Terra.Cotto Ghisa by Sambonet to display their receipts.

"Lampredotto con salsa verde", Chef Luca Cai, Il Magazzino, Firenze https://it-it.facebook.com/pages/Osteria-Tripperia-Il-magazzino/88415125746 

"Butoon de pajas", Chef Giovanni Fontana, Trattoria Il Gabbiano, Cremona http://www.trattoriailgabbiano.it/ 

"Guancia di Vitello Brasata con verdurine essiccate", Chef Maurizio Macario, Ristorante Nazionale, Cuneo http://albergo.ilnazionale.com/ 

Due to its low conductivity the cast iron transfers heat four times slower than aluminum: it is ideal for slow cooking, allowing the food to cook gradually, without losing moisture and avoiding shrinkage. It can be useful for frozen foods as well.
The small “cocotte" are perfect for single portions and ideal for the stovetop to table.


•Naturally nonstick
•High temperature retention
•Suitable for all heatsources (except microwave)
•Dishwasher safe
•100% recyclable