Soft cheese knife - Cheese knives
Soft cheese knife - Cheese knives
CHEESE KNIVES Stainless steel

Sambonet cheese knives with a sinuous and classy design. The drop-shaped knife is dedicated to hard cheeses, with a short blade to detach the flake thus enhancing its taste. The knife with split end is perfect for semi-hard or soft cheeses, where the curved blade prevents the cheese from sticking to it while cutting, while the ends allow to serve elegantly. The knife with a jagged blade is a pass-partout on the table, while the knife with the offset handle is ideal for a vertical and net cut in the soft cheeses like Gorgonzola and esteemed French cheeses. A tribute to the culture related to gourmet cheese!

52550C93 Cheese knives, Stainless steel | Soft cheese knife - 23,50 cm - Steel color

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