Dessert knife, h.h. orfèvre - Triennale
Dessert knife, h.h. orfèvre - Triennale
TRIENNALE Stainless steel

Triennale, Sambonet's iconic masterpiece. The formal rigour of the traditional cutlery is reinterpreted in the light of the 70's design, thus developing a refined and functional cutlery at the same time. The perfect proportions are highlighted in each element: wide blade, large cup and thin tines contribute to the lines. The handle terminal is ergonomic, designed to fit the hand's position while sitting at the table: straight in the knife, slightly facing down in the spoon and up in the fork.

52505-30 Triennale, Stainless steel | Dessert knife, h.h. orfèvre - 20,60 cm - Steel color

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